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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roadtrip with my broadband

Hola~dear apple ❦,
Owh la. I've already thought that the nuffnang stop their project alpha cause I've already refreshed so many times from monday. so it was kinda frustrating for me that day.
so I move on... ^︵^
LOL seems like I'm writing about break-up recovery plak kan. ~.~
see..... I've purchase my broadband since 2008. It was like the expensive thing ever!!!
for the modem only it's already reach RM700. 
I'm not talking crap, cause I've been walking passing through all the kiosks and shops at lowyat, they still offered me the same 'whattahek' price. 
that was only for that time lah. 
when Malaysia First introducing wireless connection who using 3g/UMTS/HSDPA network. 
then,one of my bf friend help me find the supplier who will sold the modem with only RM300. 
thanks a lot to him.
at that time, that price are reasonable. I've done my survey and inventory. oh, none of em' offered me with that reasonable kinda price.
LOL, from jengka to KL. nah~~ it's not so much can called as a roadtrip. but still, I've been through a lots in order to own this RM300 modem. its Huawei, BTW. 
yeah, I do. LOTS.
saving! yeah, girl like me reasonably not so much of a piggybank's fan.
but I do it, for the sake of buying the broadband.
FYI, back then at Uitm jengka, Pahang. When there was first time celcom build up 3g network there. 
nobody familiar or ever think of using a wireless, we all stuck with the not-so-promising wireless service that koperasi from our campus. RM1 for an hour, uh. I wanna read my manga. One hour? not enough!!!  wuuu~~~
after those hardshipness, 
finally!!! wish come true. 
I got my modem so does the broadband. 

well, recently I've heard about so many developmental and the price of broadband brutally  decreased.
felt like, owh not fair! duh..
and the more heartache when P1w1max do offering and create their latest invention of broadband modem!!!!!!! owh la! why Can I be the new generation? hahahah kidding! what past is the past. no need for me to brag about it.
the amazing things are this P1 wiggy its so compatible not to mention their speed. its totally new and sophisticated. 
its 4G network kinda broadband beb, imagine the 'wow'ing looking at my face rite now. 
it is surprising and yet promising. owh... If only... owh mimie! shut up! stop regretting.
hey, I'm kinda want to usha these brand new thingy, why dun you.
think i'm gonna change my broadband. me think so? *wink2( ★‿ ◕)

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