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Saturday, April 24, 2010

find out what guys notice about us!

tak dinafikan kite as a women mmg suke judge org, 
even in a short notice we can create our own imagination (perception)  about others. 
and sometimes we do made up our mind about them right after we talk or look at em'.
that's the women kinda thing.

TAPI. dun worry. we're not the only offender here. 
guys are too.
here are the common, basic 3 things that men notice about women.♂ ♀
1. geng korang
okeh mase date ngan guy tu kan, kite kan perempuan. being such a drama queen is our forte'. no biggy, we considering ourselves being cute, pakai cantik2 mase kuar date, senyum lebar2, bersopan-santun. men know this. maksudnye disini, bila time korang ngan geng2 biatch korang. how r u with them reflect the true you. including perangai pling annoying kite tu. x caye? so, tu based on guys opinion la. but we are as a female knows better who we're.
cth situasi:
one guy ni lepak ngan gurl yg dia baru kenal. dah lepak borak2 sakan. the guy starts to grow fond of that girl. so does the girl. then gurl tu ajak laa laki tu lepak ngan member2 dia. dah lepak ngan gurlfriends2 tuh. then baru laki tu realize, that gurl just like others gossipy drama queen. 

2. your laugh
guys ni sejenis makhluk yg sgt mementingkan pride and honor of themselves. yes they do.
so, diorang bangga kalau setiap lawak2 diorang dihargai oleh perempuan. but be careful, they'll test the girl. they will threw out their crappiest jokes. then bile kite gelak jugak, even laki tu sndri pun dah tau lawak tu x patut gelak kot. huh! busted! korang berpura2. hahaha.. sure that guy blah. bleh blah! lawak ko tahpe2. kan? gelak sbb nak jage hati. hehehehe...

3.  respond korang terhadap HP korang.
tengah syok borak2 ngan sorang guy yg korang baru kenal. he's so charming, funny, eligible ❤ bla bla bla. then ur phone rings. or ade msg masuk.
okeh ini penting. sebab ape. guys akan judge mcmane  korang akan layan diorang later in future, either korang respond or ignore. 
“I met a girl at a coffee shop, and within 15 minutes, her phone rang,” says Seth, 33. “She just let it go to voice mail, which made me feel like, at that moment, I was her first priority.” kan? pham? hanya dgn menggunakan hp, diorang bleh judge kite. hehehehehe.... LOL.

so, sape kate only female yg suke judge org by 1st impression? guys too. kan? bukti? bace laa kat atas.

-the end-
p/s: I'll save you for other tips later. 


irwan e3 said...

confius..ko ni laki ker pompuan? ahahhaha~.... ni thread nak mengantoikan pompuan ker? huhu~

syamimi said...

this post meant that guy jgak judge gurl with 1st impression.