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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lomo noOb

This is my first time using blackbird, fly
just like I said, can't wait to use it and see the result
I've just finish my first roll film, Kodak 36 exposure
and guess what there are only 13 out of 36
LOL, I;'m seriously a noob.
and all the 13's are, craps!
so, to all my friends. I'm so sorry.
U all posing and really2 shows an efforts as a model, but its turnout that
your pictures doesn't even there. my bad
I'll improve.
I'll learn
so who those really good and know neything abouts lomo and blackbird, fly.
please do leave me your comments and guidance, guideline whatsoever
cause i really2 need em'
onegai ishimashu!!!!



ahleng ariKen said...

usaha tngga kejayaan..1st try normal la...sye 1st try x jadik lngsung.. ;D

nice blog btw :D

loque said...

nice job..cntk lomo tu <3

syamimi said...

maceh.... =)