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Saturday, September 25, 2010

ketahuilah jantina laptop korang.

Jgn xtau.....laptop pun ada jantina...
so, nak tahu tak jantina laptop yg selalu dingadap tiap2 hari tu? jantan ke betina....hehehehehe

buat je step kt bwh ni...

1. Buka notepad dan paste ayat ini dalam notepad:CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"

2. Selepas itu tekan save. Ubah save as type kepada All Files (pastikan korang save di desktop supaya senang nak cari/buka nanti).
    Save as =  love u.vbs

3. Close notepad apabila habis save. Then double click file td (love u.vbs) dan akan dengar suara "i love u."

Cuba dengar btul2 suara "i love u" tu....suara lelaki ke perempuan?
Kalau dengar lelaki maknanya laptop korang tu jantan dan begitu le sebaliknya....

Enjoy! blh wt korg gelak tau.... saje nk korg segarkn mata2 yg kuyu dh tu...hehehe

aku punye jantan. so korang try ah plak.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

greeting, apple.

dear apple,
do you still remember me?
we shared almost nothing with this blog.
like I said, I hate to write.
but, it's the only way I can communicate with you.
by this blog.
too many junks in my life right now.
I can't focus.
too many things stuck in my head.
things are not about others, things are all about me.
just me. inner complication.
all I need to do is just to get rid of it.
but how?
my health is getting worse.
so does my attitude towards other.
discipline? it's not even there.
determination? never think about it.
what is the cost to get a wake up call?

apple, give me something.
don't ask me what I want.