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Friday, April 23, 2010

my dream destination

this is my first time to write something about my dream and desire in my blog
well, its kinda exciting. i'm joining this nuffnang project alpha, yeah its already week 8.
LOL guess i'm not to late huh? 
okay talk about my dream destination but its mention in vacation or travelling.
I'm kind of person who always got influence by the movie I've watched and the books I've read. 
first destination:
why? its all because of the anime and manga.
Imma anime addict. I love mangas from Japan.
so, the places like 
Mount Fuji!!!!!
brings a lots of breathtaking views. seriously? yeah!
not forget the Sakura. 
owh come on, who woudn't love those pink petals. I do! 

2nd destination:
Danau Toba, Indonesia.
I've read this novel about she take her vacation to Danau Toba and cheer about its scenery and so on.
so, I do some research about it. yeah, i'm not surprise.
source from wikipedia: its a largest volcanic lake in this world. form because of largest eruption from volcanic cause. blabla bla... google it yerself. 

3rd destination:

my fav friend who hav step father from belgium invited me to join them in their vacation to europe this May.
but sadly, I have my intersession here. ^︵^
good new is there's always next time.
I've never in my whole life ever think that I wanna go somewhere to Belgium.
this is once in life time opportunity. so who would've miss it? not meh. 
gosh, I need to learn how to speak dutch.  
leuk je te ontmoeten! 

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and


epalejau said...

hi sis..
em, kat sabah pun ada macam sakura tau..
nnt-nnt epal publish kat blog epal..
tak terpikir pulak sebelum ni.

sakura cantek kan?:)

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