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Thursday, April 29, 2010

what would you be afraid to find in a deep dark cave?

I'm not a big fan of a dark. its suffocated  me. I was always wandering what will I find in the darkness. especially in the very deep dark cave. its freaking freezing down there. there might be a slugs. a big one. with the sharp fang. it sucking blood like a vampire or a leech. it will crawling and stamp at the cave walls and drop themselves onto the preys body and suck their bloods. they're slimy. so, u can't just grab them or pull them of if they starts to sucking your blood.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roadtrip with my broadband

Hola~dear apple ❦,
Owh la. I've already thought that the nuffnang stop their project alpha cause I've already refreshed so many times from monday. so it was kinda frustrating for me that day.
so I move on... ^︵^
LOL seems like I'm writing about break-up recovery plak kan. ~.~
see..... I've purchase my broadband since 2008. It was like the expensive thing ever!!!
for the modem only it's already reach RM700. 
I'm not talking crap, cause I've been walking passing through all the kiosks and shops at lowyat, they still offered me the same 'whattahek' price. 
that was only for that time lah. 
when Malaysia First introducing wireless connection who using 3g/UMTS/HSDPA network. 
then,one of my bf friend help me find the supplier who will sold the modem with only RM300. 
thanks a lot to him.
at that time, that price are reasonable. I've done my survey and inventory. oh, none of em' offered me with that reasonable kinda price.
LOL, from jengka to KL. nah~~ it's not so much can called as a roadtrip. but still, I've been through a lots in order to own this RM300 modem. its Huawei, BTW. 
yeah, I do. LOTS.
saving! yeah, girl like me reasonably not so much of a piggybank's fan.
but I do it, for the sake of buying the broadband.
FYI, back then at Uitm jengka, Pahang. When there was first time celcom build up 3g network there. 
nobody familiar or ever think of using a wireless, we all stuck with the not-so-promising wireless service that koperasi from our campus. RM1 for an hour, uh. I wanna read my manga. One hour? not enough!!!  wuuu~~~
after those hardshipness, 
finally!!! wish come true. 
I got my modem so does the broadband. 

well, recently I've heard about so many developmental and the price of broadband brutally  decreased.
felt like, owh not fair! duh..
and the more heartache when P1w1max do offering and create their latest invention of broadband modem!!!!!!! owh la! why Can I be the new generation? hahahah kidding! what past is the past. no need for me to brag about it.
the amazing things are this P1 wiggy its so compatible not to mention their speed. its totally new and sophisticated. 
its 4G network kinda broadband beb, imagine the 'wow'ing looking at my face rite now. 
it is surprising and yet promising. owh... If only... owh mimie! shut up! stop regretting.
hey, I'm kinda want to usha these brand new thingy, why dun you.
think i'm gonna change my broadband. me think so? *wink2( ★‿ ◕)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Download Gossip Girl season 3.19 Dr. Estrangeloved here.

here the link for ya! yeah!! its free.
Gossip girl season3.19 part 1  Download here!

Gossip girl season3.19 part 2  Download here!
password: wra38

Dont Forget To saY thanks!
Next download will be how train your dragon. (◕‿◕❀)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

words to apple.

dear apple,
aku bengang oh rini.
since this morning aku nak mendunload gossip girl 3.19
x lepas2. wireless ni plak x stabil. speed turun naik.
x puas sungguh hati aku. dh nak dkat pkul 3.30 ptg ni pun
bru siap part1. puas jgak aku cri link utk megaupload. xde lg.
diorang x post. biasanye kul doplas dah ade dh link utk MU.
tp xde lgi. haih, aku dh menggelupur nk tgok chuck ngan blair nih.
diorang kan dh break-up kan mse episod 18 dlu.
pastu chuck kembali menjadi chuck BASStard (blair pnah pggil dia gtu). LOL
or mother chucker. lmfao 
aku bce kat gossipgirl insider n tgok commercial dia katenye:
chuck seboleh2nye nak halang blair dri move on.
aku tatau laa mcmane.
n nate pun dh xmo membe ngan chuck,
chuck wants his bff back, but if nate with S. things will never work out between C n N
so, he asked little J to seduce N, n make a scene so S n N broke up.^︵^
owh... x sbar! S reunite ngan bapak dia plak..
omaigosh.. skang tgah dunload part 2 n 3.
wismilak apple ❦, I really2 want to watch GG today!! *^_^*
okeh smpi sni saje.
I'll write to u next time. XXX.

Monday, April 26, 2010

nama blog anda?

people often naming their stuff right? mostly ur fav stuff. guitar, car, hp, etc.. etc.
blog ni mcam elektronik diary la kan.
cume dia lebih expose kpade rmai pembaca. tak private.
slalu aku bce kat mane2, nonton filem, kalau dia nk start tulis pe2 hal dlm diary dia
dia akan start mcm ni 'dear diary'
some of em' also naming their diary

for example yer diary name totoro
'dear totoro, today bla bla bla'
cute en? for me yeh.
mcm kita sedang berckap dan bercerita dengan org lain.
pastu pretend yang dia pun blas2, tanye2 kite mcm2.
fantasy virtual friend: my blog
Ogeyh, starting from today I would like to naming my blog as apple.
why apple? I dunno, its just cross my tot. besides, i love apple. 
hehehe... dear apple ^-^.
starting right from this moment. i'll write to you
my dearest apple....
I used to have diary. but I dun like to write, if you recall from my previous post entry of blogger n0ob
you know why.
my diary named as Tobias.
I read this weird children book about err.... totally forget about what
they have this friend name Tobias, the eagle.
he was a human, but something curse him. and turn him into an eagle.
fuh... but Tobias was already gone. ^︵^
misplaced, i guess. I never see him until now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

agak agak bila ko nak kawen?

sampai aku jumpe calon yang sesuai. tak jumpe, x yah kawen =).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

find out what guys notice about us!

tak dinafikan kite as a women mmg suke judge org, 
even in a short notice we can create our own imagination (perception)  about others. 
and sometimes we do made up our mind about them right after we talk or look at em'.
that's the women kinda thing.

TAPI. dun worry. we're not the only offender here. 
guys are too.
here are the common, basic 3 things that men notice about women.♂ ♀
1. geng korang
okeh mase date ngan guy tu kan, kite kan perempuan. being such a drama queen is our forte'. no biggy, we considering ourselves being cute, pakai cantik2 mase kuar date, senyum lebar2, bersopan-santun. men know this. maksudnye disini, bila time korang ngan geng2 biatch korang. how r u with them reflect the true you. including perangai pling annoying kite tu. x caye? so, tu based on guys opinion la. but we are as a female knows better who we're.
cth situasi:
one guy ni lepak ngan gurl yg dia baru kenal. dah lepak borak2 sakan. the guy starts to grow fond of that girl. so does the girl. then gurl tu ajak laa laki tu lepak ngan member2 dia. dah lepak ngan gurlfriends2 tuh. then baru laki tu realize, that gurl just like others gossipy drama queen. 

2. your laugh
guys ni sejenis makhluk yg sgt mementingkan pride and honor of themselves. yes they do.
so, diorang bangga kalau setiap lawak2 diorang dihargai oleh perempuan. but be careful, they'll test the girl. they will threw out their crappiest jokes. then bile kite gelak jugak, even laki tu sndri pun dah tau lawak tu x patut gelak kot. huh! busted! korang berpura2. hahaha.. sure that guy blah. bleh blah! lawak ko tahpe2. kan? gelak sbb nak jage hati. hehehehe...

3.  respond korang terhadap HP korang.
tengah syok borak2 ngan sorang guy yg korang baru kenal. he's so charming, funny, eligible ❤ bla bla bla. then ur phone rings. or ade msg masuk.
okeh ini penting. sebab ape. guys akan judge mcmane  korang akan layan diorang later in future, either korang respond or ignore. 
“I met a girl at a coffee shop, and within 15 minutes, her phone rang,” says Seth, 33. “She just let it go to voice mail, which made me feel like, at that moment, I was her first priority.” kan? pham? hanya dgn menggunakan hp, diorang bleh judge kite. hehehehehe.... LOL.

so, sape kate only female yg suke judge org by 1st impression? guys too. kan? bukti? bace laa kat atas.

-the end-
p/s: I'll save you for other tips later. 

What TV show do you wish would go off the air for good?

akedemi fantasia.

Ask me anything

Friday, April 23, 2010

my dream destination

this is my first time to write something about my dream and desire in my blog
well, its kinda exciting. i'm joining this nuffnang project alpha, yeah its already week 8.
LOL guess i'm not to late huh? 
okay talk about my dream destination but its mention in vacation or travelling.
I'm kind of person who always got influence by the movie I've watched and the books I've read. 
first destination:
why? its all because of the anime and manga.
Imma anime addict. I love mangas from Japan.
so, the places like 
Mount Fuji!!!!!
brings a lots of breathtaking views. seriously? yeah!
not forget the Sakura. 
owh come on, who woudn't love those pink petals. I do! 

2nd destination:
Danau Toba, Indonesia.
I've read this novel about she take her vacation to Danau Toba and cheer about its scenery and so on.
so, I do some research about it. yeah, i'm not surprise.
source from wikipedia: its a largest volcanic lake in this world. form because of largest eruption from volcanic cause. blabla bla... google it yerself. 

3rd destination:

my fav friend who hav step father from belgium invited me to join them in their vacation to europe this May.
but sadly, I have my intersession here. ^︵^
good new is there's always next time.
I've never in my whole life ever think that I wanna go somewhere to Belgium.
this is once in life time opportunity. so who would've miss it? not meh. 
gosh, I need to learn how to speak dutch.  
leuk je te ontmoeten! 

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Monday, April 12, 2010

2nd attempt

okeh, recently I've posted about my result from my first attempt using cutey bbf rouge {。^◕‿◕^。}
and now, its my second attempt using same film, kodak ultramax 36.exp iso:400
erm, this time. 15 out of 36.
huh! kat sini xde kdai gamba yg bleh cuci dr negatif trus ke cd.
smue kne print out, huh! x enviromental friendly langsung!
next time, I dun wanna print it out. leceh kne scan plak pastu.
pe yg aku blajar.
1. kamera ni bleh tangkap gamba mlm2 xpyah beli flash dia pun tape.
2. gune status B, utk malam
3. kne tutup mata sebelah bru leh nmpk clear imej.
4. tekan shutter lame2 utk light rail <--- common knowledge photographer sejati. aku tatau!
5. just shoot!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

men vs women.

If we measure ourselves according to the standards set by man we will always come second best. If we measure ourselves by the standards set by our Creator, only then will we realise our true worth.

ALLAH SWT celebrates us in our femininity. We are exempted from so many things which are deemed Fardh (fasting when we have our menses) to be repaid within the next year, Salaah at the time of menses, we don't have to lug our kids to the masjid 5 times a day in the rain, snow or heat - but if we perform our salaah in our homes it is better than salaah in Masjidi Nabawi SAW.

Our modesty is our greatest asset in the eyes of ALLAH SWT and yet to men our bodies are the most important thing. A man's greatest test is a woman, and his greatest reward is a woman. For a woman, her greatest test is her family and her greatest reward is ALLAH SWT HIMSELF. For the Jannatis, the males will go and make salaam to ALLAH SWT, but ALLAH SWT will come to the females and offer HIS salaam to them.

For the lady who ushers her husband to go out in the path of ALLAH SWT, she will reach Jannat 500 before her husband who does the hard work.

For the woman who feeds a Jamaat, her hands become haraam to the fires of jahannam and she reaps the same reward as the brothers who are sacrificing their time away from their families.
A woman is truly the gem of ALLAH SWT. Our Creator expects more from us because we are capable. A woman is capable of doing everything a man can, but the same cannot be said for a man. He cannot carry children, he cannot give nourishment(milk). He cannot multitask as good as a woman. He would never be able to bare the pains of monthly cramps and would never survive the pain of child birth.
The list goes on... shall I continue?

Credit to: Taahirah Rubidge Sayed

mamai? hantu? but then earth-quake!!!

okeh, pagi tdi, around 5.00 ++ a.m,
aku cam tersedar dri tdow.
and I felt my bed swinging~~ it was like somebody swing my bed,
but hey, come on. its a single bed, not double decker.
so its impossible to be swing unless, the bed leg is broken.
but the leg its totally fine. then I woke up, a lil bit surprise because my locker do shaking.
how do I know my locker does shaking?
cause the chain that I hung at the key do spinning and hit the metal locker's door.
so, it make a sound.
pastu aku duduk jap atas katil.
rase lgi doh..
aku bgun berdiri, sbb curious sgt nk tau kan.
aku mamai ke, mimpi ke, atau aku yg pening?
aku berdiri, goyang2 lgi (inersia?)
aku stay jap, dah benti. aku kuar bilik
xde pape pun.
aku tidur smule,
bgun2 aku post kat fb psal kejadian smlm.
ramai yg ksi komen hantu laaa
itu laa, aku cam dah.
hantu?owh laa, last night I was never felt a goosebumps.
so screw laa ngan idea hantu tu,
then 1 of my friend comment, he said : "mlm td earthquake la..ko bertuah la sbb rase..cess.."
I was like, OMG!! ye ke? earth quake? kat mane?
yep, pgi tdi. kat acheh.
7.7 skala richter.
ahh ,lupe nk mention.
aku skang kat melaka.
so, logic laa kan?
1st sem aku kat sni, ptut aku ckp mnde ni 1st time
sem2 sblum ni ade jgak
then aku dh mcm, huhuhu aku dah aaa kat tingkat 10 ni (T_T)( ̄(エ) ̄) 

news about the earth-quake.  CLICK here

Monday, April 5, 2010

RAFIQIN DARWISY?? who? pengutuk kematian DIN BERAMBOI !!

okeh, pagi tdi aku on9 fb,
then tibe nmpk laa satu group yang membe2 aku join kat fb nih
name group ni
Kami benci RAFIQIN DARWISY mengutuk kematian DIN BERAMBOI !!
aku google2 then aku jmpe la.
yep, budak tuh. budak je lgi
agak menyentuh sensitiviti peminat2 dan ahli keluarga arwah laa kalo bce status bdak tu kat fb.
aku mcm xde laa fanatik sgt ngan arwah din beramboi
tp as a human being, I think is not a proper way to define his hatred to someone else
he is dead for god sake. please respect other,
just keep your thought for yerself laaa budak
aik, aku lak yg marah.
mmg la. kurang ajar. (◕^^◕)

Klik here to cekidout!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

F.U.C.K = Focus Untuk Capai Kejayaan

Okay, I find it cool
also the quote "we should f.u.c.k" LOL
don't get me wrong, as what u saw from the title,
f.u.c.k stand for fokus untuk capai kejayaan.
yeay! see, not all the bad words will come out with the bad meaning.
we could implement those words so it can turn into a good things
s.h.i.t = semoga harapan indah ternyata (oh well, I dun really good in making this sounds right) (^-^')
hahahaha nice!
ain't it cool?
kan? kan? (◕‿◕)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lomo noOb

This is my first time using blackbird, fly
just like I said, can't wait to use it and see the result
I've just finish my first roll film, Kodak 36 exposure
and guess what there are only 13 out of 36
LOL, I;'m seriously a noob.
and all the 13's are, craps!
so, to all my friends. I'm so sorry.
U all posing and really2 shows an efforts as a model, but its turnout that
your pictures doesn't even there. my bad
I'll improve.
I'll learn
so who those really good and know neything abouts lomo and blackbird, fly.
please do leave me your comments and guidance, guideline whatsoever
cause i really2 need em'
onegai ishimashu!!!!


marked done: completed wish list.

Its Happening!!!!
so eeeeeeeeeeeexciiiiiiiiteeeeeeeeeed!!!!
dah dpt
dah beli
x sabar nk gune 
x sabar nk tgok hasil

owh comelnye awk yg berwarna merah


credit to leen, using her iphone. chewaahhh

now, I just need to cuci the film to see the result
from 36 exp using kodak ultramax iso:400.