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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

men vs women.

If we measure ourselves according to the standards set by man we will always come second best. If we measure ourselves by the standards set by our Creator, only then will we realise our true worth.

ALLAH SWT celebrates us in our femininity. We are exempted from so many things which are deemed Fardh (fasting when we have our menses) to be repaid within the next year, Salaah at the time of menses, we don't have to lug our kids to the masjid 5 times a day in the rain, snow or heat - but if we perform our salaah in our homes it is better than salaah in Masjidi Nabawi SAW.

Our modesty is our greatest asset in the eyes of ALLAH SWT and yet to men our bodies are the most important thing. A man's greatest test is a woman, and his greatest reward is a woman. For a woman, her greatest test is her family and her greatest reward is ALLAH SWT HIMSELF. For the Jannatis, the males will go and make salaam to ALLAH SWT, but ALLAH SWT will come to the females and offer HIS salaam to them.

For the lady who ushers her husband to go out in the path of ALLAH SWT, she will reach Jannat 500 before her husband who does the hard work.

For the woman who feeds a Jamaat, her hands become haraam to the fires of jahannam and she reaps the same reward as the brothers who are sacrificing their time away from their families.
A woman is truly the gem of ALLAH SWT. Our Creator expects more from us because we are capable. A woman is capable of doing everything a man can, but the same cannot be said for a man. He cannot carry children, he cannot give nourishment(milk). He cannot multitask as good as a woman. He would never be able to bare the pains of monthly cramps and would never survive the pain of child birth.
The list goes on... shall I continue?

Credit to: Taahirah Rubidge Sayed


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the information. Now I will know it.