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Monday, April 26, 2010

nama blog anda?

people often naming their stuff right? mostly ur fav stuff. guitar, car, hp, etc.. etc.
blog ni mcam elektronik diary la kan.
cume dia lebih expose kpade rmai pembaca. tak private.
slalu aku bce kat mane2, nonton filem, kalau dia nk start tulis pe2 hal dlm diary dia
dia akan start mcm ni 'dear diary'
some of em' also naming their diary

for example yer diary name totoro
'dear totoro, today bla bla bla'
cute en? for me yeh.
mcm kita sedang berckap dan bercerita dengan org lain.
pastu pretend yang dia pun blas2, tanye2 kite mcm2.
fantasy virtual friend: my blog
Ogeyh, starting from today I would like to naming my blog as apple.
why apple? I dunno, its just cross my tot. besides, i love apple. 
hehehe... dear apple ^-^.
starting right from this moment. i'll write to you
my dearest apple....
I used to have diary. but I dun like to write, if you recall from my previous post entry of blogger n0ob
you know why.
my diary named as Tobias.
I read this weird children book about err.... totally forget about what
they have this friend name Tobias, the eagle.
he was a human, but something curse him. and turn him into an eagle.
fuh... but Tobias was already gone. ^︵^
misplaced, i guess. I never see him until now.


intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.mie, jgn gune apple!
.baek ko google skng youtube ceta annoying orange & apple
.best gilak video tuh!

ika. said...

comel ohh gna nma apple. cam yummy je. hihi

syamimi said...

hahahaha... aku terguna weh. tetibe dlm otak terlintas apple.
hahaha... 'dear apple. hari ni aku kan. hahaha...'

muyyaQ said...