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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

owh la, tajok contest kali nih,
I've never tot that there'll be this kinda title for a contest.
I could win a money by telling who is the most stinkiest celebrities.
my judgement is based from the movies that i've watched.
how stinkies they are in that particular movie.

the most stinkies celebrities are:

matthew mcconaughey

sorry to all matty fans. I do like him. but if you see him in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, urgh!!
I was myself like OMFG wattehek?
LOL he looks smelly, serabut serabai se-semua ah.
n yes, matty nmpk huduh gile. ketiak basah. bla bla bla. give him a deodorant please!
and yeah, he hit women.


Sean William Scott... who? owh come.. the famous stifler in american pie.
why he stink? he ate dog shit *lmfao and and he drinks pee.
yuck!! yeah, he totally needs to wear deodorant.

*drums roll
the most stinkies celebrities is....
Kevin Costner cast in waterworld
I called it 'movie full of shits'.
sbb xde toilet, berak merata-rata. wakakakakka
he even screen his urine then drink it. WITH PLEASURE.
hahahaha berbulan-bulan tak mandi bagai.
pastu kne tangkap n sumbat kat gedung najis. cantek!!!!
mcm perlu sgt deoderant.
KO BUSUK kevin dlam cite tu. sgt busuk!
paling busuk!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wiggy Design (Design your ideal Wiggy)

This is my wiggy design.
includes my favorite colors.  
checkers. simple for me.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Contest] Menangi Rapidshare Premium Account Untuk Sebulan

owh rapidshare.
paling gleme dan paling senang nk cari link rapidshare utk download ape2 movie.
tpi kelemahannye kne beli laa plak, pastu x pndi protect, kne curik. hahaha hantu sungguh!
aku tau psal contest ni dri budak skema . dia kate blog jiwakacau wat kontest nih.
agak terseksa jgak lah dulu aku hnya guna megaupload pnye link utk mendunload.
puas jgak laa aku nk cri active link mu kat warez tuh.
pastu nk kne leech plak.
paling haru bile page leech tu dh tutup.
aku nak menang sebab aku nak mendonload sakan.
tanpa susah pyah kne berinteraksi ngan leecher2 vietnam.
nak pham diorang pun ssh. racist plak tuh!
yep, smue yg berminat ngan rapidshare ni semuanya kaki dunload.
nak2 cite2 bersiri yang memerlukan aku follow each episode and dunload serta merta sblm link dia mampos.
horaitt.. tu aje. sy nak menang sbb nak mendunload tnpe limit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Football=Adidas? (Blog about why football and Adidas go together)

when I was about 10 when
the only brand I knew thats present soccer is adidas.
yes, they also have nike and puma.
but I saw them represent different sport each.
nike is a tenis and puma is a american football.
its just like a pioneer brand that whenever people thinks about buying a pair of football boots or snickers.
the 3 lines of brand will not be forgotten.
you are saying that maybe you will choose other brand over adidas, but while you're to purchase other brand,
adidas still in your head, I mean it will includes in your list decided brand.
same with the artist that they use to represent their brand.
some of them a footballer, beckham.

For a long time, when I saw beckham macho face the adidas logo will also came together.
It was like a package u know, beckham without adidas.
adidas also a big manufacture toiletries for sport persons.
the deodorant smell precisely reflect you as a sport person.
that's what I think.
with the tagline, impossible is nothing.
think of that quote my head imagine Manchester united. why?
yes, beckham!
boleh dikatakan adidas memonopoli sport stuff and everything that represent football.
no doubt! the smell, the attitude. and they become a pioneer brand because adidas were the first on my minds whenever comes about football.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

hoye hoye hoye~~~~
football fever kembali lagi?
who will win?
place your bet here.
well, as for me my fav team is Spain.
okeh, i'm not a huge fan of football.
but i'm in love with Spain team since I was 16.
they've got
owh sape lgi?
tu je yang aku dpat pkir?
gabungan diantara mereka bisa menghangatkan lagi arena world cup futbal match!!!
they've got magnificent skills
pass bola tepat pendek2 laju2. pendek kata memang sonok ah tgok diorang main
and diorang menang euro baru2 nih.
spain got history.
dia antara pencabar yang agak orang cakap paling terdekatlah.
and the players so cool!!!!
sebab diorang best ah.
before world cup match I will go back to my hometown
and bring back television.
my new house at melaka didn't have one right now
so I will need one.
doesn't matter xde astro
kesah pe? hahahaha pedehal perlu astro
tapi kalo dpt astro pun bgus jgak.
I'm sure mamak or mapley penuh!
yeah, I'll vote for spain
dun let me down!
you're my number 1
you are the no 1
caya lah!
who's with me?
owh x sabarnye nak lepak2 sambil makan kacang n tengok bola
wat chart utk team yg menang.
and bet utk sape ke final.
best2~~~ menggelupur jap.
okeh2. aku stop!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

Stop AIDS before you are the victims
Stop AIDS, live longer
Stop AIDS, love yourself
Stop AIDS, love your mate
Stop AIDS, Loves your family
Stop AIDS, So it can't kill YOU!
Stop AIDS, So it doesn't kill YOU!

care about the precaution 
care about your surrounding area
care about other people
so you can live your life much longer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

be proud of yourself.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

 -- Judy Garland


It's not what you do once in a while, it's what you do day in and day out that makes the difference. 

-- Jenny Craig


Creativity means believing you have greatness. 

-- Dr. Wayne Dyer


Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most do. 

-- Dale Carnegie


Sunday, May 2, 2010

the third.

dear apple ❦,
I've develop my fancy in photographing not so long ago,
i'm sure you've already read the entry about that.
this is my 3rd trial using my bbf rouge.
x berani lgi nak tukar film pnye iso ke 200 or 100 coz i'm still a no0b.
okeh, ni hasilnya. 12/36. tp malas nk scan smule.
I still x dpt nak tau cara nak ksi smue film tu jdi photo.
most of em' x jdi.
the lightning maybe. iso 400 kot. bungok gile aku nih.^-^'
iso paling cerah pun still fail. but I can see the improvement. ececece (◕‿◕)
sbb dh x goyang mcm pakinson pnye olang. cheer for that.
the results? *drum roll :

-The End-