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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Hi readers ,

I would like to start my review session with a disclaimer. 
This is an honest review that I wrote with my own experience. I’m not selling any product.

I have a really oily scalp. Thus if I don’t blow dry my hair after showering, I will have a lumpy hair thorough out the day. I look like I just shower even I did shower 8 hours before, and my hair will be sticking to each other and my hair scalp would be visible from miles way.

I’m not over exaggerate the condition, but if you’re facing the same problem as I am you will understand, totally.

Then I found this miracle (yes I said it) product called Oily Hair Cleansing Shampoo from Thecosmeticrepublic.

This shampoo worked since I first time used it. I quoted as per described from the product details: -

The Cosmetic Republic Cleansing Shampoo for oily hair with Barosma Betulina (Buchu) leaf extract offers an effective solution while leaving hair silky and with volume. It also contains microencapsulated keratin and B, C & E vitamins.

Finally, an oily shampoo that regulates the production of sebum without drying or damaging the hair. It removes oil from the root of the hair at the same time that it takes care of hair full lengths. It also prevents hair loss.

A unique product in its category, thanks to its patented microtechnology based formula.
Recommended by doctors all over the world. Respects scalp’s natural balance providing strength and volume to the hair without damaging it.

Benefits that I got by using this shampoo

1.       No oily scalp and it lasts the whole day. Even if you are sweating on a hot day or the sudden pouring rain. No more asking for Mr Sun to shine down on you. J
2.       The effect you will see right after you use the shampoo, even if you blow dry your hair or let your hair dry naturally.
3.       No more limply hair. I have a big face feature, like big jaw, chubby cheek and big nose. Limp or thin hair really makes me look really fat. (T_T)
4.       Less hair fall. Yes, this shampoo helps you to strengthen your hair follicle. No kidding
5.       Less visible scalp. Now I hardly can see my scalp from miles away.


1.       Pricey. For 200ml it cost RM 129.00
2.       Only work for scalp. Not for hair. It doesn’t make your hair silky smooth.
3.       Only can get at selected store only. You either can go to that particular store or order it online
4.       It doesn’t moisturize your hair. Refer item no 3.

Tips on how to use it.

1.       I pour the shampoo directly to my scalp and message my scalp. I didn’t cover the whole hair/head. Just on my scalp.
2.       I wash & shampoo first before brushing my teeth & wash my face. Because the requirement is to leave it on for at least 1 – 3 minutes before rinse it.

If you like to buy this product, you can find it here

Hope my review will help you guys to solve your oily scalp and limpy hair problems.
I will do the review for another products, so if you love my review please follow my blog for any updates

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