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Sunday, February 28, 2010

To miss independence

We all sacrifice our dependence for love. and be Independence
it's happens when he said how much he adore and appreciate independent and non-clingy girlfriend
At first it seems totally worth it. when he starts feel comfortable being with us by showing their appreciation.
It's just later after you've given everything up
That you realize you have nothing left to offer.

that's why when u use to get so too independence, the man start to forget they responsible to us,
take us for granted and start cheating.
then they claimed that we're now don't need him at all.
all of their schemes suddenly making sense. screwed? I think it called?
yes, aku paham. not every man are like that.
but, trust me. I'm talking by my observation through majority group
so, in case that you're (if u're a man) categorized into the minority one
maybe u're absolutely not like that.
and for my girls~~
I dedicate this song
I'll survive by Gloria Gaynor
hush hush by pussycat dolls.

yeah!!!! semangat kesukanan
*berlari keliling padang.

penarikkan. attraction

okeh as you see I've joining this nuffnang community.
it's already 5 days if i'm not mistaken, so I need readers!
alots and lots visitors per day.
how eyh? how and what I should do to make my blog attractive??
owh aku tgah buat marketinglah ni pun.
think I need to come out with a theme per week or month
or pakai2 cantik2 lawa2 seksi2 tangkap pic hahaha tapi nk wat cmne?
aku bukan lawa pun. LOL I'm not gonna exploit myself that way, its too needy a.k.a huh! despreate!!!!
nuh-uh, namo!
lagi2.. erm.. I'm thinking.... ngeeeng~

buat blog cantik2?
ape? skang x ckup cantik ke blog aku nih? mungkin~
apa? yes! i'm trying SO HARD to make this work.
sebab I wanna earn something.
please drop your idea here,
plish plish plish....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

negativeness do have some advantages.

I'm bad at dealing with dissapoinment.
I often feel bad and restless once I've been turned down by something that I was really2 hoping for,
and the worse when I always bragging and bitching about it.
the best part is the person whom I express my frustration are usually my besties, family and boyfriends
and because of my constant nagging and crabby, I've become a nuisance and pesky to them, I can feel how they feel irritated by me. (even they choose not to show it)
T_T poor them, I'm so sorry, its my bad. love you all..
I do realized that I have to stop all the whiny thingy cause I look like a snobbish little princess who loves to bitching around when something fail to tag along according to her way. *sigh
so I've jump into a conclusion, to prevent myself from facing more disappointment, I choose never to  put anything into a positive assumption.
always hoping in negative way.

for example, when I ask my friend to help me buy something that I really need and eager to have at that time, like kreko (google it yerself). instead of being sure and waiting with full excitement believing that she will come back with the kreko, I should think negative as like, isu kreko yg utk certain date tu dh habis kat pasaran, nak2 kat bandar pusat tu.
so, whenever she comes back with or without kreko I can accept it with ease.
that only the minor thing, I can use the same kind of physiology in matter of relationship.
always expect the unexpected.
even its bitter in someway, I can trust him 100% but instead of doing that I rather not trust him at all,
because if one day he deceiving or betraying me, then I can always say, dah agak dah.
that means we expect that will happen. so, having a negative thought about something is not a bad thing.
senang cite, aku nak ckp ialah jangan mengharap.
stop putting my hope so high and when its fall down it will rupture into pieces, pranggg!! padan muke ko.
it's differ from giving up. giving up when you start to stop doing and hoping when you know it will not gonna work, but put a negative assumption is when you discard yourself from your comfort zone. ngeh~ ..
It works for me. dunno about you

Friday, February 26, 2010

skip beat

recently, I've been following this manga - skip beat by Yoshiki Nakamura
I've already reading skip beat about 1 and a half year.
from my reading, this comics is good and interesting. can be categorized in shoujo's comic (girl's comic)
types: comedy, loves
this is a story about a girl names kyoko who determine to take a revenge for herself to Fuwa Sho. Fuwa is also her childhood friends and she consider him as her lover, she followed him to the city on his quest to become a famous singer, abandoning her own life for his.
soon, she learn that fuwa was only using her as his personal maid to take care of household chores and pay for rent. Her heart is shattered. Seemingly more vengeful than depressed, she swears to avenge herself.
she`s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!
After getting into LME talent agency, and meeting Tsuruga Ren, the most famous acting star in the country, as well as Sho`s rival, Kyoko soon finds her own passion for acting. and now, she realized something, she's born to be an actress.
so, slowly she's getting to forget about her revengeful purpose and develops her affection and passion in acting.
In this story I learn how kyoko stand up for her right and how her detemination (not the revengeful thing) in order to survive in show-bizz world. how she learn and try her best to adapt in that world .A funny and entertaining story of an absolutely clueless girl trying to make it in showbiz, and the mysterious pasts of the people around her. now, the plot of this story began to grow massively. and the best part is, when tsuruga ren also develops his feelings toward kyoko and fuwa sho also realized that kyoko have the quality that can helps move him forwards, even kyoko loathe him. =P. there's gonna be love triangle 
cool. jom laa join membacenye skali =) ngeeee

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blogger noOb

yeah, imma newbie in this blogging world.
I merely nagging in my facebook's status.
I've been posted a tons of my thought and feelings there.
obviously, I'm not a writer.
yes, I do have a lots of things in my mind and experience that I like to note down, but its only works in verbal ways.
my weakness is I can't express myself in words.
that's why I don't have a diary and this is my fifth post, only 5?
as for me, spoken rather than written.
and now, zzzzzz..... jezz... aku dh blur.
at time, when I'm not in front my lappy or holding a pen or pencil,
and all of a sudden, my head started to generate lots and lots of ideas,
then pofff! its gone, just a sec. and its happened exactly when I'm started to get ready to wrote it down.
while my hand on this keyboard or while I'm holding a pen or pencil.
nothing, almost all the ideas were gone missing.
it was some kind like a ROM. my memory act like ROM.. read only memory.
it is like my memory is easily evaporated, liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.
No, seriously! I think its my brain. non-healthy brain. i'm not gonna say that there's something wrong with my brain, its fine. totally fine.
so I play sudoku. to prevent any bad circumstance that leads to brain disease. well, you know what.
hahahaha, Despites all that, U know that was absolutely absurd. Honestly, this is shows how bad I'm at reading, lack of information and knowledge. huh! I don't read. boom! full-stop.
moral: read, iqra' that is the best way to gain an information and knowledge . peoples do know that, but they still dun wanna do that, yeah, that people is me. improve! be better!
dengan english tunggang langgang. with a thousand of grammatical errors, I'll end this entry.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

how it called free-bone

its been a while, huh! ok2 its been a loooooooooooooong time I didn't post any news about myself.
gile oh, aku sangat pemalas. I've got a lots n lots of stories about meself who I'd like to share, but seriously I'm not a free-bone hohohoho word to aku invent sndri. free-bone. not boner ek. bone! tulang percuma as in rajin. hah! mne aku dpt? it just crossed my mind just now. and skang aku masih xpuas hati, my lil bro stole one bottle of bvlgari omnia. siap ko, I'll swear i'm gonna take it back!
now, this mid term break will end about esok! hahahaha.
I'm counting start from last saturday, sunday, monday, tues, wed, thurs, fri, and today. one two three.. 7 days. ape aku wat dlm 7 hari tu?
went to KL. tumpang keri, alfie n wawa.. thanks guys!
lepak2... then off to bila's house. attending her mother's wedding
congratz untie! btw, u n ur husband were so nice to me. thank u thank u.
meet bila's friends, n goofing around at pavi, watching wolfman.
lgi2! ape yg aku ingat? haa, riding at the back of bila's new father's toyota commonrail. wooo windy and we do look like bangla yg bru balik dri kerja. LOL

kahkahkah... then still, ade lagi scene penyek memenyek pastu, x muat punye pasal.

okeh, wed. went out with kei, things go smooth for the beginning and became so gloomy afterwards, but still.. I'd enjoy every moment with him. yes! includes the time when we r 'bermasam muke mencuka'. eyh, felt like to kiss him. hohohohohohohoho kuar tanduk bercabang. tabaek~~~  its not like we've been thru a big fight, but it's all about aku yg tacing lebeh. x bleh blah!~ ahhh...ruginye. Its been about 4 months I didn't see him, then when I got a chance, I blew it. herm, neway, what done is done. pass~
I love you till the end, mohd khir bin jamaludin. nelayan ku syg~ ngeee~~

pastu, lepak2 lgi. balik jengka. pastu pastu? haaa~ this is my weakness, I'm good at TELLING but suck at WRITING.
and, starting march (xtually start dpt ptptn)
i'm gonna start a new venture, chewah venture kot.
big dreamer wannabe?
bisnes kecik je. nak tau bisnes pe? tggu n lihat je nnt ek. ..