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Sunday, February 28, 2010

To miss independence

We all sacrifice our dependence for love. and be Independence
it's happens when he said how much he adore and appreciate independent and non-clingy girlfriend
At first it seems totally worth it. when he starts feel comfortable being with us by showing their appreciation.
It's just later after you've given everything up
That you realize you have nothing left to offer.

that's why when u use to get so too independence, the man start to forget they responsible to us,
take us for granted and start cheating.
then they claimed that we're now don't need him at all.
all of their schemes suddenly making sense. screwed? I think it called?
yes, aku paham. not every man are like that.
but, trust me. I'm talking by my observation through majority group
so, in case that you're (if u're a man) categorized into the minority one
maybe u're absolutely not like that.
and for my girls~~
I dedicate this song
I'll survive by Gloria Gaynor
hush hush by pussycat dolls.

yeah!!!! semangat kesukanan
*berlari keliling padang.