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Saturday, February 27, 2010

negativeness do have some advantages.

I'm bad at dealing with dissapoinment.
I often feel bad and restless once I've been turned down by something that I was really2 hoping for,
and the worse when I always bragging and bitching about it.
the best part is the person whom I express my frustration are usually my besties, family and boyfriends
and because of my constant nagging and crabby, I've become a nuisance and pesky to them, I can feel how they feel irritated by me. (even they choose not to show it)
T_T poor them, I'm so sorry, its my bad. love you all..
I do realized that I have to stop all the whiny thingy cause I look like a snobbish little princess who loves to bitching around when something fail to tag along according to her way. *sigh
so I've jump into a conclusion, to prevent myself from facing more disappointment, I choose never to  put anything into a positive assumption.
always hoping in negative way.

for example, when I ask my friend to help me buy something that I really need and eager to have at that time, like kreko (google it yerself). instead of being sure and waiting with full excitement believing that she will come back with the kreko, I should think negative as like, isu kreko yg utk certain date tu dh habis kat pasaran, nak2 kat bandar pusat tu.
so, whenever she comes back with or without kreko I can accept it with ease.
that only the minor thing, I can use the same kind of physiology in matter of relationship.
always expect the unexpected.
even its bitter in someway, I can trust him 100% but instead of doing that I rather not trust him at all,
because if one day he deceiving or betraying me, then I can always say, dah agak dah.
that means we expect that will happen. so, having a negative thought about something is not a bad thing.
senang cite, aku nak ckp ialah jangan mengharap.
stop putting my hope so high and when its fall down it will rupture into pieces, pranggg!! padan muke ko.
it's differ from giving up. giving up when you start to stop doing and hoping when you know it will not gonna work, but put a negative assumption is when you discard yourself from your comfort zone. ngeh~ ..
It works for me. dunno about you


DC said...

fikir negative just in certain situations. no need to think ALL laa. nanti macam kita mengharap benda itu terjadi. :'(

syamimi said...

yeah, aku lupe nk include yg tuh. hehehe tp jgn la mengharap bnde negatif.
assumption je syg oi.