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Friday, February 26, 2010

skip beat

recently, I've been following this manga - skip beat by Yoshiki Nakamura
I've already reading skip beat about 1 and a half year.
from my reading, this comics is good and interesting. can be categorized in shoujo's comic (girl's comic)
types: comedy, loves
this is a story about a girl names kyoko who determine to take a revenge for herself to Fuwa Sho. Fuwa is also her childhood friends and she consider him as her lover, she followed him to the city on his quest to become a famous singer, abandoning her own life for his.
soon, she learn that fuwa was only using her as his personal maid to take care of household chores and pay for rent. Her heart is shattered. Seemingly more vengeful than depressed, she swears to avenge herself.
she`s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!
After getting into LME talent agency, and meeting Tsuruga Ren, the most famous acting star in the country, as well as Sho`s rival, Kyoko soon finds her own passion for acting. and now, she realized something, she's born to be an actress.
so, slowly she's getting to forget about her revengeful purpose and develops her affection and passion in acting.
In this story I learn how kyoko stand up for her right and how her detemination (not the revengeful thing) in order to survive in show-bizz world. how she learn and try her best to adapt in that world .A funny and entertaining story of an absolutely clueless girl trying to make it in showbiz, and the mysterious pasts of the people around her. now, the plot of this story began to grow massively. and the best part is, when tsuruga ren also develops his feelings toward kyoko and fuwa sho also realized that kyoko have the quality that can helps move him forwards, even kyoko loathe him. =P. there's gonna be love triangle 
cool. jom laa join membacenye skali =) ngeeee