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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blogger noOb

yeah, imma newbie in this blogging world.
I merely nagging in my facebook's status.
I've been posted a tons of my thought and feelings there.
obviously, I'm not a writer.
yes, I do have a lots of things in my mind and experience that I like to note down, but its only works in verbal ways.
my weakness is I can't express myself in words.
that's why I don't have a diary and this is my fifth post, only 5?
as for me, spoken rather than written.
and now, zzzzzz..... jezz... aku dh blur.
at time, when I'm not in front my lappy or holding a pen or pencil,
and all of a sudden, my head started to generate lots and lots of ideas,
then pofff! its gone, just a sec. and its happened exactly when I'm started to get ready to wrote it down.
while my hand on this keyboard or while I'm holding a pen or pencil.
nothing, almost all the ideas were gone missing.
it was some kind like a ROM. my memory act like ROM.. read only memory.
it is like my memory is easily evaporated, liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.
No, seriously! I think its my brain. non-healthy brain. i'm not gonna say that there's something wrong with my brain, its fine. totally fine.
so I play sudoku. to prevent any bad circumstance that leads to brain disease. well, you know what.
hahahaha, Despites all that, U know that was absolutely absurd. Honestly, this is shows how bad I'm at reading, lack of information and knowledge. huh! I don't read. boom! full-stop.
moral: read, iqra' that is the best way to gain an information and knowledge . peoples do know that, but they still dun wanna do that, yeah, that people is me. improve! be better!
dengan english tunggang langgang. with a thousand of grammatical errors, I'll end this entry.


DC said...

welcome to the blogging world mimie. :D

syamimi said...


Euriqqa Raffar said...

you're not that bad as a write. u wrote beautiful thought of yourself, this will grows by time. and at the end, you'll turn out to be something like me. haha..

former "dono how to express myself".


Euriqqa Raffar said...

oops, tertinggal huruf R untuk writer di atas.. hehe

syamimi said...

tengkiu cika.. =)
tp aku selalunye blur~

atie said...

if you are not a good writer, you won't get this post babe! :D

syamimi said...

owh la atie, this entry only prove me that I can write but not that good.