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Saturday, February 20, 2010

how it called free-bone

its been a while, huh! ok2 its been a loooooooooooooong time I didn't post any news about myself.
gile oh, aku sangat pemalas. I've got a lots n lots of stories about meself who I'd like to share, but seriously I'm not a free-bone hohohoho word to aku invent sndri. free-bone. not boner ek. bone! tulang percuma as in rajin. hah! mne aku dpt? it just crossed my mind just now. and skang aku masih xpuas hati, my lil bro stole one bottle of bvlgari omnia. siap ko, I'll swear i'm gonna take it back!
now, this mid term break will end about esok! hahahaha.
I'm counting start from last saturday, sunday, monday, tues, wed, thurs, fri, and today. one two three.. 7 days. ape aku wat dlm 7 hari tu?
went to KL. tumpang keri, alfie n wawa.. thanks guys!
lepak2... then off to bila's house. attending her mother's wedding
congratz untie! btw, u n ur husband were so nice to me. thank u thank u.
meet bila's friends, n goofing around at pavi, watching wolfman.
lgi2! ape yg aku ingat? haa, riding at the back of bila's new father's toyota commonrail. wooo windy and we do look like bangla yg bru balik dri kerja. LOL

kahkahkah... then still, ade lagi scene penyek memenyek pastu, x muat punye pasal.

okeh, wed. went out with kei, things go smooth for the beginning and became so gloomy afterwards, but still.. I'd enjoy every moment with him. yes! includes the time when we r 'bermasam muke mencuka'. eyh, felt like to kiss him. hohohohohohohoho kuar tanduk bercabang. tabaek~~~  its not like we've been thru a big fight, but it's all about aku yg tacing lebeh. x bleh blah!~ ahhh...ruginye. Its been about 4 months I didn't see him, then when I got a chance, I blew it. herm, neway, what done is done. pass~
I love you till the end, mohd khir bin jamaludin. nelayan ku syg~ ngeee~~

pastu, lepak2 lgi. balik jengka. pastu pastu? haaa~ this is my weakness, I'm good at TELLING but suck at WRITING.
and, starting march (xtually start dpt ptptn)
i'm gonna start a new venture, chewah venture kot.
big dreamer wannabe?
bisnes kecik je. nak tau bisnes pe? tggu n lihat je nnt ek. ..


DC said...

mimie ada blog wah! wah! :D