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Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm simply explaining my current world in just one word.
Do I posses something habitual from my past?
herm..wrong. absolutely.
I was thinking about something to feed my appetite. 
a new amusement I supposed.
I need an outdoor things to keep me in proper fit.
hiking? gunung ledang is here.

I'm thinking martial arts, prefer unofficial way.
kick punch neything in basic only.
how about a soccer team?
nah, too much babbling 
to be frank, my heart kinda crush right now.
my emotion stability remains unknown.
don't try to tell me to chill.
make me.
I'll whine.
I don't expect you to understand my sorrow and sadness whatsoever
I merely wanna share the happiness.
I was happier once.
I'm not blaming anyone. Life is a lesson.
I'm not done with anything now
as long as I keep breathing there's nothing for me to giving up
when I stop hoping doesn't mean I'll stop trying.
me seems to be making a rapid recovery.