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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

J'veux ton amour

this is 1st time I write neything about him, who's he?
he's my lunatic total heartless dumbass boyfriend
since its already pass 12 am, and I hav a morning class tomorrow (which is suppose to be today coz it's already 1.19am)
think i'm gonna stay up late just to describing this ergh...
I lost my word.dun get me wrong, I dun loathe him(even I sound like it) but I love him.
yes I love him even he's one selfish cold heartless self-centered guy,
but he's something to me.being with him I learn that not everything will go on according to what I wanted to.
the things about him are,
ever heard of hot & cold by katy perry?
Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down
we're exactly like that, totally.
and he do change his mind like a bitch change her clothes. LOL
I hav to whining and bitching about pointless things (sometimes) just to make him talk
so that we can have a conversation (even it is not in a healthy way).
he yelled, I listen, I scream, he got mad, aku hentak2 tepon, dia gelak, sometimes I plead, then berbaik smule.
he's not normal, he said that just now.
he describing himself as black-heart cold blooded guy to begin with.
he thinks he is a cat. or at least resemble with cat in anyhow.
I wonder that is why we always have a cat fight.. nyiaoo!!!!
in fact he is. ergh... can u imagine what i'm dealing with?
he explained to me in science or sometimes he include the physics or whatsoever that I'm not familiar with (as long as it relevant) just to tell me that I can't be mad at some point.
dude, love it self don't have its logic in critical moments.
he hates to tell me or shows me how much he love me,
but he do loves me in subtle way,
I just know that. jangan perasan ok? jangan perasan, kate dia tadi.
erm... what else?
ape kate aku tido dlu, then bru aku sambung. hahaha... nyte.
siyes aku ngantok.



Euriqqa Raffar said...

comey ar pic begerak mu :D