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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GTO - Shounan Junai Gumi

are you fimiliar with onizuka ekichi?
you know him as a great teacher Onizuka right?
but did you know about his previous life before he become that moron teacher?
ever heard of onibaku?
this new manga, telling about Onizuka past life, High school life.
the mangaka still by Tohru Fujisawa.
but the drawing lil bit diff from the former  GTO - great teacher Onizuka version.
he still a moron LOL no doubt about that
the motive stay about friendship kinda things.
lil bit about LOVE. and yeah. he's still virgin LOL.
no matter he and his best friend Ryuji Danma tried to lose their virginity
they sure end up badly. hahahahaha
who is ryuji danma? u should read this manga titled  'bad company'
its the prequel to all these story, how they meet and becomes life & death buddies.
join they in their quest to lose their virginity and reach maturity. 


Read here!!!

2 comments: said...

waaahhhh!!! thanx for this info! lama xbace GTO!! =D

syamimi said...

most welcome.. =)