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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't wait for ptptn's money
I can't wait for next week
I can't wait to hold my precious black bird~
omg... *terloncat-loncat
I find this camera fascinate me since bila asked me where to find it
yeah, b4 that, I didn't even know what the hell is lomo?
so, she explained it to me.
and I say OMG!!!!
murah kot.hahahaha
yeah, I'll buy that camera
I'll study about it
I'll master lomography.
i'm so excited to see how'll this gonna turn up.
can't wait to see how it work... excited ngggengggg!!!!
I'll post my 1st job using black bird,
and I really need+ appreciate if anyone who know things about this lomography will share and drop a comment or more here. =)
I really do need a guidance.
teach me!



FuZaiNi@$imPle@LiFe said...

what is the specialities of this camera???i just wanna know...hehe

syamimi said...

special effect..
trus snap pakai je, xyah nk edit2 pkai software.
try laa search kat google psal lomography.
breathtaking =)