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Sunday, May 2, 2010

the third.

dear apple ❦,
I've develop my fancy in photographing not so long ago,
i'm sure you've already read the entry about that.
this is my 3rd trial using my bbf rouge.
x berani lgi nak tukar film pnye iso ke 200 or 100 coz i'm still a no0b.
okeh, ni hasilnya. 12/36. tp malas nk scan smule.
I still x dpt nak tau cara nak ksi smue film tu jdi photo.
most of em' x jdi.
the lightning maybe. iso 400 kot. bungok gile aku nih.^-^'
iso paling cerah pun still fail. but I can see the improvement. ececece (◕‿◕)
sbb dh x goyang mcm pakinson pnye olang. cheer for that.
the results? *drum roll :

-The End-