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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Football=Adidas? (Blog about why football and Adidas go together)

when I was about 10 when
the only brand I knew thats present soccer is adidas.
yes, they also have nike and puma.
but I saw them represent different sport each.
nike is a tenis and puma is a american football.
its just like a pioneer brand that whenever people thinks about buying a pair of football boots or snickers.
the 3 lines of brand will not be forgotten.
you are saying that maybe you will choose other brand over adidas, but while you're to purchase other brand,
adidas still in your head, I mean it will includes in your list decided brand.
same with the artist that they use to represent their brand.
some of them a footballer, beckham.

For a long time, when I saw beckham macho face the adidas logo will also came together.
It was like a package u know, beckham without adidas.
adidas also a big manufacture toiletries for sport persons.
the deodorant smell precisely reflect you as a sport person.
that's what I think.
with the tagline, impossible is nothing.
think of that quote my head imagine Manchester united. why?
yes, beckham!
boleh dikatakan adidas memonopoli sport stuff and everything that represent football.
no doubt! the smell, the attitude. and they become a pioneer brand because adidas were the first on my minds whenever comes about football.

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