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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i'm blogging again

it was like forever since my last post.
yeah, recently, I do posted a lot , but only for the sake of nuffnang.
nothing more about me.
mah life suck. nothing peculiar.
I've got a job. as a part timerz.
yes, suck!!! farking suck.
I hate my job, but I do love the whimsical smile of encik AGONG putra al haj at the back of coklat, blue purple and green notes. * nodding 
part time job while you study is really a bitch.
my legs hurts so does my ass, 
assignments, test, quizzes and lots lots of craps load of dramas surrounding me.
*sigh.. yeah, i'm whining. Its my choice, deal with it.
 what else? yeah,my bloody asshole boyfriend who really dunno how to grow up. heh pity him.
burn in hell u sucker!! *middle finger.
what else? my final paper for opm530 do turned my head upside down. but i'm okay now. dun worry.
and mah face, holly shit!! '
I hate my skin.
I hate my hair.
I hate my body figure.
I hate all of me.
owh... I got a lil too emotional especially when it comes to my... herm..
ok. i'm fugly.
my dad bought me a car.
viva elite, black. CCP 8854
yeah~~ thanks dad. 


splattish said...

haha..rebel..seronok berpart time ketika belajar..semua masa kita digunakan sebaiknya..selamat berjaya mengharungi saat2 getir yang menyemakkan kepala nih.. \m/

intanurulfateha said...

bile nk bwk aku jln3 naek viva kau mie? ;p

syamimi said...

bile2 aku rse nk bwk gi jenjln.. hahaha..