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Saturday, January 16, 2010


seriously, I did not notice since yesterday that I've already signed up a blog spot acct , when my  BEL 492 lecturer demanding to create a blog for our first task. LOL
well, what should i say? I'm more like right-handed kinda person. I don't really have any expectation about someone who'll read my blog. why should they? (my thought) yeah, I think so.
I can't possibly imagine why?
I'm not good at english, as the fact that I've known awhile ago. but still, i'll try to improve my english. yes. I'm malay. people from malaysia. hello~~! pfftt. who am I talking to?
whatsoever... fin


atie said...

this is your assignment? cool babe! hahahha..

Euriqqa Raffar said...

fuck lar lu!! haha. ada blog xmo share ;pp

welcum2 :D

syamimi said...

hohoho aku masih mentah lagi, msih dara lgi dlm dunia blog nih.. sorry2, aku dh share. hahaha