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Sunday, December 11, 2011

dear apple.

hey apple. Do u know karma? have u met karma?
what goes around comes around.
what u gave u get back.
have u reminisce your past? the thing that u've done. peoples that u've hurt. things that u've broke.
everything that u wish that u can fix it.
well, yeah. I do.
I've done lots of bad things. who doesn't?

hey apple, have you taste the feel of regret?
when all the things from your past come across your mind.
and everytime u think about it, u wanna burst into tears?
regret is..... bitter.
right now, that's what I feel.
why? cause I can feel that karma already hit me.
It actually hit me long ago, but I only realize it now. I'm so dense.
we've met long ago, but only right now I remember its name.
Its reflecting my ignorance.

u know why I think it is a karma?
cause, when something bad happened to me.
I'll think, what could I've done to deserve this pain?
well, hell yes. I kinda deserve it.
karma will find you whenever wherever u are.
they've said that u'll get more than u deserve.
they've also said that karma is superstition.
why? cause they scare.
scare of the sins that they've done.
scare that they eventually will feel how all their victims felt.
and they well aware of it. they just don't wanna say it out loud.
knowing that u'll pay more. its terrifying.