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Saturday, May 1, 2010

guilt note.

dear apple 
yesterday was awesome!!!
my exam goes well, so does my day.
I managed gets our dream house. dream? owh, we jez wanted that house so bad.
thank god, we did. thanks to the owner, and the agents. u guys wrock!
hehehe, btw i did something wrong, and I apologize to this person. 
dear who u are
i'm sory cause i'm hiding it for you,
i'm sory, its totally my fault.
i'm sory, but i'll get its fixed before u knoe about it
and i'm sorry, cause I will lie to u.

ok, my apologizing note done.
I'm still feel sinful.
but i dun wanna burden the guilty feelings  for the rest of my life.
so i'll let it pass. and i hope she'll buy my fraud. 

hey apple , dun get me wrong ok?
the truth its just too overwhelming annoying.
you know, when the first moment I tell her the truth,
she'll lost her trust for me.
still, imma bitch here. LOL
no, i'm not gonna lie to  you apple .
there's nothing I wanna lie to you. nada. 
yeah, I promise. 
zz.... ok lah.
I end my note right here.