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Thursday, April 1, 2010


You know what?
It's my fault I got hurt.
You shouldn't even have to feel bad about it.
I should have expected it from you.

You're a fun guy, okay?
Everybody likes you.
You're the quickest guy
I know. Anytime they go out with you,
they have a blast.

All right?
But, you know,
everybody who knows you
knows you're gonna do
what you want to do.

And if it's not what the
other person wants to do,
well, that's their problem.
It's not bullshit.

they always do what you wanted to do.
It's who you are.
Everybody thinks
that you're their friend,

But the fact of the matter is
that there's not one person
that you know that
you trust enough
to let close enough
that they could've hurt you.

And my big problem
is that, I thinked you really liked me.

And no matter what I did
and how hard I tried,
you were never gonna let your guard down.

this poor girl
never stood a chance.


epalejau said...

suwitnye poem ni..sumpah suwit! (: