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Monday, March 15, 2010

why people care?

I love this old cliche' saying 'ignorance is bliss'.
I'm not a big fan in minding others business, or sharing is caring kinda thing in anyhow.
But there are minor group will be an exception.
friends, family and my love one, of course.

The real things that bugging me are,
where this annoying peoples come from?
I mean,
they really do have their own life right?
yes, of course there are. they should.
so why bother?
I can stand if its only a comment.
but, when you start to tag someone's blog then bragging about how bad they're in whatever due ur concern is,
in your blog.
that's the way out of line.
what people call about it, yeah mengumpat
it's still ok if you just talk about it, but if u've already stated there(in yer blog) her/his blog's link, tag a pictures of him/her
yo! get ready for the consequences.

why people care?
basically, I thought there were just jealous, jealous much?
LOL please oh, I admit. jealousy is an healthy way to find your competitors
it'll useful for self improvement.
judge people for yourself for god sake,
not bragging and bitching about it.
owh la, hahahaha
you peoples are hilarious.
think by doing that will make yourself looks better?
keep your thought for yourself.
hear this
they don't care
you deserve yourself duh.
all your flaws
all your gift.
so, why bother?
you deserve what you are.
tu utk mereka yang suka burukkan org

this one to
people who loves to care so much about others
one word: Quit!

whatever you say will not make them stop
doesn't matter what method you use
whatever irony you might use to mock or convey contempt
will do nothing
unless they want to change by their own willingness.
daa... just stop..
if you have an authority.
yes please do arrest.