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Monday, March 8, 2010

We're tired of you

Let's cut all the intro talk and get to the point.

Everyone has been in love. At certain times of our lives, we might have flirt around way too much but that doesn't make us sluts. Or make us a bad person. Because when we find that special someone, we tend to hold on to them. We stopped being with other guys so much, we showered you with our undivided attention. Count yourself lucky because we wouldn't even want to talk to any other guys anymore because of you.

Now, here's the problem...
We showed you that much attention because previously you were unloved (or lacked love). We would like you to think that even when everyone around you shunts you away or dislike you or when your family is so fucked up that you feel left out, we would really...truly would like you to feel love. We tried. But it was never enough.

Because you treated us like shits. Over other guys who were much more better, nicer and hotter, we chose you. Out of many guys that proposed to us, we chose you. Out of other guys that could treat us better, we chose you.

We gave our hearts away when you wanted us to, just to have you throw it back at our faces. We put up with your stupid shits for months, even years...even if we bitch around to tell our friends about how assholic you are, even if we nag you a lot. What matter is we stayed. We stayed with you through your thick and thins...even when it's eating us inside.

We don't want much from you. What if, instead of ignoring us the whole day or even the whole week, take 5 minutes to text us, or reply to our texts. We promise you we wouldn't talk so much, only 2 or 3 text messages is good enough for us.

What if, instead of being annoyed with what we're asking you...just answer the question nicely. Whether it's a 'yes' or 'no' or some any other answer that is related without makes us hurt. It causes unnecessary heartache and we're tired of it.

What if, instead of finding another girl that's better than us...just be content with what you have. You said that we're not content with you. But you're wrong, because if we weren't we wouldn't have stayed for so long.

We love you so dearly that we would sometimes act like your personal assistant to remind you of things that you've forgotten to do, or haven't done or get the idea.

We would walk miles for you.

Until we give up...and prayed to God to take all that away from us, all those feelings, those love that we've showered you.

When you think that we're so annoying that by your gesture we feel that we're hated...what more can we do?

When you would choose any other girl you thought are better than us...what more can we say? make you feel satisfied?

And so we say,

Ya Allah, strengthen my faith and calm my heart and please make me content with your will.

P/S : thanks Bila.


new_rulez said...

wow...i feel the same way...
i dont knw wht to do too..