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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm being emotional

I've always got this issue in me.
trust issues. even I'm practicularly a person who always assume the worse, but deep inside of me I always terrifying and scare to think about how's the pain will gonna cause me.
prevent is better than cure,
if you do something suspicious I will ask,
asking is not a slander.
I love myself, I want to protect my heart.
I know I can't endures the pain.
yes, I'm stating my weakness here in public. so what?
I hate long distance relationship, cause I don't know how to handle it.
and you. why you loves doing something that prevent me to trust you.
I want to trust you, for god sake.
I do trust you for all of this time, but not this.
u used to show how you love me in public, so where is it now?
being so cool in front of your friends is so important to you till you have to hurt me due to that?
why you love to hurt me?
I've seen so many jerks dump their girlfriend.
owh yeah, I've seen how its start. there are chronicle.
all the scheme. I know you're not like that.
but everything is possible.
you can fall in love with someone else and forget about me
just in sec. who knows?
shits happen? right?