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Thursday, March 25, 2010

the gossip its ON!

after pausing the series for quiet long (since dec 09)
gossip girl is back.
well its already begun since 8th March 10.
now, its already the 15th episode.
chuck found his mother, Evelyn.
serenate still on.
and jenny.. she is a major drama queen
so do lily..
dan n Venessa
herm what else?
this becoming episode
wow! its way too overwhelming
to much scheme and dramatic scene.
jenny reunion with her bitch Angie
while chuck, his uncle jack n her so to be mother betrayed him
he lost everything.. well he's about to.
OMFG! I can't wait for next week episode here's the recap!


Gossip girl ep:16 : the empire strikes jack promo


nEo.. said...

Bunyi macam best jer,kene try tengok ni.:)

syamimi said...

tgok dri season 1 laa.. bru x lost.