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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


first of all I would like to sentence my disappointment to how this life treating me. its not about how I disobey myself in anyway, but there's something and that something really makes me work so hard and spent so much in order to fix it. I really can't stated here or anywhere else what's something all about.. but if I can get or figure out a way to solve it, I would really be thankful. I'm exhausted, yes... I am. but I can't help myself by not to think about it. I just can't. I tried not to worry so much. damn... and here I am. whining about how this life done me wrong and what so ever. seriously, I really needs to work out my self-esteem. or else I'm just nothing else but only a feeble.
yesterday, while I was walking heading towards my dormitory, I've passed this group of boys who on their way to campus. but then,I heard one of them called me 'bitch'. well, I'm not so sure but yeah, I heard it, loud enough to make me turn around and almost smack that guy on his face. I only heard someone called me by that name once, but it's only when he's so furious. so I consider that, yesterday was my 1st time people call me bitch. I hope his mother is a slut and his wife is a tramp and his daughter is a whore. yeah, he's lucky I didn't remember his face. or else, i'll make sure he'll be experincing the whole bitchy drama. so that he can learn that don't simlply tagged an unknown girl as a bitch.
ok... that's all. coocoo!


syue said...

wah budak!dah ada blogspot.chunnnn!!!


Euriqqa Raffar said...

xpe2.. sabo je..

syamimi said...

owh cika, kamu sgt memahami.. ngee~~ hehehe